TLD Workshops - Workshops That Work

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."
--- Benjamin Franklin

TLD workshops are developed to reflect our belief that adults learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.  They are enlightening, empowering, and enjoyable.  We use a variety of learning methodologies including assessment, activity, group discussion and structured practice.  Below is a synopsis of the TLD curriculums.

Inspired Leadership Series

TLD's Leadership Curriculum provides learners with options and tools to assist them in all aspects of team leadership.  Strategic Planning, Performance Development, Motivating Employees, Project Management, and Process Improvement.

Leadership Fundamentals
Learning how to managing other people in addition to managing one's own tasks is the first step to leadership.  In this course, participants discuss leadership competencies and develop their own development strategy.  

Strategic Team Development
Every year, managers and their team members sit down to discuss performance and training issues.  How often do these talks incorporate realistic goals and objectives as well as meaningful and creative development activities?  A strategic leader incorporates organization-wide goals into team objectives.  In this workshop leaders profile their teams and begin to formulate strategies for both individual and team success.

Administrative Professional Series

This curriculum was developed to take administrative assistants and other support employees to the next level by introducing professional skills and other models into their work life.  Modules include:  Time Management and Organizational Skills, Communicating Effectively with Peers, Managing Your Boss, and Dealing with Conflict.

21st Century Team Skills Series

In today's chaotic workplace, where "more for less" is the rule, employees must be ever more productive than ever.  In addition, they are expected to have sophisticated communication skills and be politically savvy.  Curriculum modules include:  Communication Essentials, Handling Multiple Projects, Dealing with Conflict, Problem Solving, Professional Development, and Process Improvement.

Train-the-Trainer Series

TLD can help your trainers utilize adult learning principles to enhance their training efforts. These principles dictate that development of training be learner-centered and activity-based.  In addition to learning event development, TLD will work individually with learners to increase their facilitation skills.  Modules include:  Workshop Development, Training Skills Self Assessment, Developing Learning Activities, and Facilitator vs. Instructor.