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Standing in front of Mr. Torres’ fourth grade classroom with 22 eager faces looking back at me snaps me back to the reality of the current situation.  Thanks to Manatee Chamber of Commerce, fourth graders throughout the county were spending an hour with business owners, just like me.

And, much to my surprise, despite my twenty-two years of group facilitation and workshop delivery, all I wanted to do was please them.  It is my responsibility to fill their minds with knowledge and empower them to dream big and they deserve my best.

I don’t care if you’re a CEO of a multi-national organization, President of the USA, or me, a woman business owner, we are all responsible for giving young people a wide variety of positive learning experiences.

To get their attention, I asked them to stand up and march.  We did a little call and response, they clapped and laughed and then sat down.  Next, I passed out my business cards and explained that TLD-Training Leadership Development is the name of my company and also my initials.  I further explained, “I get to design learning games for adults.”  That’s when I brought out the hula hoops and they had the chance to play one of my favorite games. 

After they finished they talked about the importance of teamwork, avoiding blaming your teammates, and collaboration.  That’s right, one of these fourth graders used the word “collaboration”!

Then, I wrote a few questions on the board and asked them to think about each one of the items and write their answer down. Items included age, pets, etc.  I especially liked the answers to the question of my age.  The range was 29-78!  I changed the question about fast food to “whether or not I eat fast food” and the class answered with a resounding “No.  You look too healthy!” 

Finally, the students had the chance to create their own business cards for their imaginary businesses.  In addition to typical dreams like Football Player, Policeman, and Nurse, I was amazed at the ingenuity of some of these promising entrepreneurs.  A cupcake maker who changes lives “one taste bud at a time”, a special entrepreneur who collects shoes and gives them to poor children around the world, and one little girl’s mission was to spread love through hugs.

Something occurred to me as I was walking around the room, looking at their creations.  Many of the students used their initials in the naming of their businesses.  I had made an impact after all.  I can’t wait to meet another class next year!

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