Project Profiles

TLD provides a variety of services for its clients.  Below are a few examples of the types of projects has successfully implemented. 

Training Function Coordination

TLD can partner with your Human Resources department to develop effective employee development opportunities.  Including analyzing employee development needs based on the results of the annual performance development process, developing and facilitating professional development workshops, and consulting subject matter experts who are responsible for employee training. Curriculum options include

  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Project Leader Skills
  • Productivity Skills
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Train-the-Trainer


Trainer Certification Program

Companies can benefit from building a strong continuous learning culture and a crucial element includes understanding adult learning principles and applying those concepts in training efforts.  The three level of certification include: 

  • Adult Learning Fundamentals
  • Instructional Design
  • Becoming a Learning Champion.

TLD's unique program empowers Subject Matter Experts to train and develop new employees or those transferred from one area to another.


Employee Engagement Initiatives

Companies often attempt to reinforce “corporate culture” in order to achieve the organization’s mission.  The establishment of core values helps put specific words and actions to vague concepts. Everyone says that “respect” is an important core value, but what actions demonstrate respect day in and day out.

The unique features of TLD’s approach include conducting informal employee focus groups and activities that either develop core values from the bottom up or create learning activities that communicate the importance of established corporate culture attributes.

Keynote Speaker

Toni Duval's energy makes her a highlight of any event.  As a keynote speaker she brings enthusiasm, humor, and personal insight to the podium.  Her energy is contagious and she involves the audience in the discussion.  She shares her life experiences and insights and provokes others to think and act!  Topics include skill development, transition, dealing with change, projecting a professional image, life/work balance, intercultural awareness, and adult learning concepts and techniques.

Employee Coaching

TLD provides one-on-one employee coaching.  Many employees benefit from structured coaching.  TLD utilizes self-assessment, development plan monitoring, and constructive feedback to help employees reach their potential and empower employees to work toward excellence.

Conference Workshops

Toni Duval has conducted workshops at numerous conferences including, the National Minority Supplier Council network, Universities, Professional Organizations, American Society of Training and Development network, and corporate functions.

What makes TLD's workshop's unique is the amount of audience participation.  It's not your typical podium presentation.  Participants are strongly encouraged to ask and answer questions and take full ownership of the learning process.