Let's Hear it For TLD's Suncoast Adventure!

So, who is TLD?  Like many of my fellow baby-boomers, I recently began thinking about my "next move".  After a visit from good friends to my Knoxville home, I began rethinking my future and decided to sell my 2700 square ft. home and downsize to a cottage in the coastal town of Bradenton, Florida.

Let me introduce TLD to you...

TLD-Training and Leadership Development specializes in employee and organizational development activities including, but hardly limited to; custom workshop development and facilitation, high-impact special learning events, team and individual assessment and coaching, and group strategic and problem-solving sessions.

Founded in 1994 by Toni L. Duval, TLD helps companies large and small improve performance through employee and leadership development focusing on increasing effectiveness in communication, project management, team leadership, and productivity skill-building.

Regardless of the business sector; manufacturing, engineering, retail, hospitality, or medical, TLD will customize an innovative solution to meet your company’s unique challenges.  TLD learning activities have been experienced by hundreds of employees in a wide variety of companies including; Alstom Power, Mercedes Benz, Saturn Motors, Fleetguard, Nashville Electric Service, and Tennessee Valley Authority.  Ms. Duval has facilitated workshops around the world including Beijing, China and Kolkata, India.

If you are interested in providing economic, high-energy, memorable learning events, contact TLD-Training and Leadership Development to discuss how we can help increase your company’s effectiveness by increasing employee performance.

Review the information in this site and learn how TLD can help improve your organization's performance by increasing the skill level of your employees.  We look forward to working with you.